About Seraillon

Seraillon grew out of many years of keeping an informal log of personal notes on fiction I have read. As a literary amateur, not an academic, I felt reluctant to turn a private endeavor into a public one, but a few friends suggested that I start sharing responses to my reading. Around the same time, I discovered Hungarian writer Miklós Bánffy’s “Transylvania trilogy,” and, while there have been many other works about which I could scarcely contain my enthusiasm, this one tipped the scales. Thus Seraillon was born.

The blog has no particular literary focus; I write about what I read.

If you see fit, please leave a comment in response to a post or contact me via email: seraillon [at] gmail [.] com. 

Several readers have inquired about the meaning of Seraillon. Technically spelled with an added accent - Séraillon - it is the name of a tiny agglomeration of buildings located at the confluence of two small rivers in the rugged Ardèche region of south-central France. You can see it in this photograph taken by D. S. Abbott. 

I once passed here what I can only characterize as a perfect day. The name Seraillon has become, for me, less indicative of the particular place than evocative of a rare moment and synonymous with the pleasures it afforded. chose it for the blog title on impulse

Scott W.
San Francisco, California